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MIMExpansion Journey
  • 1996: Introduced and continuously researched MIM technology.
  • 1997: Equipped with an American vacuum furnace and two injection molding machines.
  • 2002: Equipped with various injection molding and mixing machines.
  • 2004: Added a second Japanese vacuum sintering furnace and two injection molding machines.
  • 2005: Continuously added equipment and a third vacuum sintering furnace.
  • 2008: Developed a variety of materials for use in MIM.
  • 2013: Developed over 800 customized MIM parts.
  • 2016: Added a fourth vacuum sintering furnace and magnetic powder flaw detection equipment.
  • 2017: Passed ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System.
  • 2018: Invested hundreds of millions to expand land scale and business development.
  • 2022: Added 4 more Japanese sintering furnaces and injection molding machines.
  • 2023: Purchased German metal X-RAY computer tomography equipment.

Continuously striving to research MIM technology and expand the industry scale.